Modern Violence and Weapons in Schools

de Dr. Gabriel Rorlins (Auteur)

This research book explores possible causes and effects of violence in schools. The author elucidates different methods teachers, administrators, and government can use to prevent violence and weapons in schools.

Chapter one examines the increase of the level of violence in schools globally using the United States as case study. The author explains what school violence is. He suggested numbers of solutions to reduce school violence globally

In chapter two, the author defines and investigates students’ aggressive behavior. He stated that aggressive behavior may be physical (hitting, stabbing, shooting) or verbal (insulting, demeaning, shouting) and also active or passive.

In Chapter three, the author investigates into weapons found in schools, the pattern of school violence and what influences adolescents violence behavior, such as social media, video games, uncensored television advertisements, and movies.

In chapter four, the author demonstrates different cases of teenagers’ violence behavior at schools and elucidates on what leads to student violence behavior.
In chapter five, different methods on how to prevent violence behavior and weapons in schools are explored.

In In chapter 6, the author recommends nine steps needed to reduce school violence and student’s aggressive behavior.

The Author is a professional Educationist, have Serves as a Principal in schools and colleges in charge of Academics - curriculum design and moderator, have lecture Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics in both High School and in the University. He is a professional member of the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Member of Nigeria Teachers Association, etc.

He got married to Mrs. Mercy Rorlins (Nee Maria Mercy Igberaese) in 2007 and they are blessed with two children Greatness Uwaghosa Rorlins and Goodnews Confidence Rorlins who are currently instruments in the hands of God at their tender age.

Dr. Gabriel Rorlins is currently the Vice – President of Hill-City University Benin, the President of Hill-City University of Science and Technology, Liberia, CEO of Bedrock Professional Education and Services across States and Cities in Nigeria, and also the CEO of Gabeko Global Ventures (Good Family Products), Lagos Nigeria and the CEO of Societe GGV Sarl, Cotonou, Benin.

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31 janvier 2021
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