Anti-Aging Exercise Plan

de Joy Peters PhD (Auteur)

Ever Wonder What Hollywood Stars Do To Look Sexy,
Fit & Youthful Beyond Their Years? This Is It !!
This celebrity favorite exercise plan is designed to lift and tone every muscle group with visible results in just 3 days! Created by a certified personal fitness trainer to the stars! Now, you can do these 3 quick & easy body-and-face toning exercises anywhere in 30 minutes, too! You don?t need a fancy gym or expensive equipment. You can get in super-star shape at home or while on the go. This is the only plan you?ll ever need for personal fitness and includes keto dieting tips to stimulate autophagy with bonus self-renewal tips for anti-aging. Includes stretches, breathing exercises and integrative yoga that help you speed up your metabolism, slim down, ease stress, improve flexibility and tone your face & body for a lifetime of super-star quality fitness.

??develop stick-to-it-tiveness and you will be successful in all you do? President Donald Trump
? Reveals celebrity fitness & beauty secrets you can do, too.
? How to stay motivated & stick to this daily exercise plan.
? Tips to feel and look much younger than you are.
? Why exercise is the ultimate anti-aging solution.
? Body & face-lifting exercise techniques that work!
? Improve your physical fitness without going to a gym!
?These exercises work like magic! It?s not just another boring workout, It?s Fun! It is both a mind-body workout and an anti-aging routine that helps you look more youthful & feel smarter, better, faster and stronger, too!? Joy Peters, CPT, PhD.


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25 février 2021
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