To Hell, with the Irs!

by Steven Sego (Author)
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This book is written for the purpose of educating the freedom loving people, who believe in God and are aware of the evil the IRS represents. It is my intentions to educate the people with the knowledge of understanding the IRS, enabling them to make educated and deliberate decisions in dealing with this dishonest agency. I, the author have already walked the walk, and talked the talk, but ultimately, everyone will have to walk this same walk, in order to acquire their freedom. Freedom is not Free. In all cases Freedom requires a price be paid, but the purpose of this book is to help make it so much understandable and simpler. The main point is to keep Christ as the center of your focus, because that is where we all hope to end up, is where he is at. It is my prayer, that all people will believe in Christ and not fear. He has told us 365 times in the Bible to not fear. We just need to have knowledge and understand. This is the main purpose of this book, to help others understand. I have taken the first chapter from my previous book, ?Two Churches Only?, as a fitting beginning to this book, as I explain and show proof of how simple understanding the IRS is. Hopefully, by the end of it, people will begin to realize how they have been robbed by the IRS for years. There are several reasons this could happen. They either trust their government and believe that they wouldn't lie to them, or some church leader, acting as blind guides, are telling them, that to be Christian, is to do everything their government tells them to do. They tell them it is for their own good. Possibly the people are too gullible, or lazy to search out the truth for themselves. By reading this book all of the way through, is the first step to freeing yourself from the chains of bondage, and getting closer to God.

Publication date
January 29, 2021
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