Becoming a Cfi

by Radek Wyrzykowski (Author)

This book identifies the key psychological elements of flight instruction and the importance of their use in practice. It is written with all aviation enthusiasts in mind. It is for those pilots who already provide flight instruction and would like to take it to the next level or for those in training to be flight instructors. It is also for student pilots who want to see what they should expect from their flight instructor and everybody who wants to see what flight instruction is about.

Based on the scientific study of student behavior and the author?s 20 years of experience as a CFI. The ?Becoming a CFI? offers practical advice to identify the critical elements in effective aviation education. It also analyzes Fundamentals of Instructing by focusing on those elements which are crucial to understand and use. Author and aviation educator Radek Wyrzykowski provides rare insights into the process of flight instruction by using his real-life experiences and actions over the years, from his student pilot certificate through becoming a Chief Flight Instructor for one of the large flight schools in the northeast.

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April 15, 2021
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