100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go - 10th Anniversary Edition

by Susan Van Allen (Author)
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This fully updated 10th Anniversary Edition of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go is packed with new information. Susan Van Allen provides the best insider?s femme-friendly advice for sights, shopping, restaurants, and many new destinations and Golden Day itineraries to enhance your travel experiences in the Bel Paese.

Susan is your fun-loving, savvy-traveler girlfriend whispering in your ear, inspiring you to make your Italian dream vacation come true. Go along with her as she leads you up and down the boot to discover this extraordinary country where Venus (Vixen Goddess of Love and Beauty) and The Madonna (Nurturing Mother of Compassion) reign side-by-side. These pages, curated with passion, humor, and expert female tips, are guaranteed to lift you out of the flood of online information and make your travel planning easy and pleasurable.

Discover masterpieces of art that glorify womanly curves, join a cooking class taught by revered grandmas, shop for artisan treasures, ski the Dolomites, or paint a Tuscan landscape. Make your trip a string of Golden Days by pairing your experience with the very best restaurant nearby, so sensual delights harmonize and you simply bask in the glow of bell?Italia.

Whatever your mood or budget, whether it?s your first or twenty-first visit, this brand new edition of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go is a straight shot to the heart and soul of one of the world?s most beloved destinations.

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August 04, 2020
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