Limericks For All Occasions

by Kenneth J. Lovell (Author)
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The idea for this book of limericks came about pretty much out of nowhere one day while lunching with several good ?buddies.? Thanks Carl, Ed, Richard, et al.! We all had reminiscences about life in general and our experiences growing up and in our work. I was surprised how often my memories came out in a rhyme. Throughout the course of writing these limericks, I found that many of them popped into my head at bedtime or upon rising in the morning. They cover all aspects of life, both humorous and words to live by. It is my hope that they will provide humor to some and inspiration to others. One note of caution, the first names used in my limericks are not meant to reflect upon any family member or acquaintance.

I dedicate this book to my ?big sister,? Loma; my mother, who passed away in 1999, and several siblings (and cousin Garth) who, in one way or another, prompted me to publish this book.

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December 11, 2020
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