One More for the Road

by Rajko Grlić (Author)
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Recounts the life and career of Croatian filmmaker Rajko Grlić in the form of a lexicon of film terms tied to anecdotes spanning Grlić’s life.

“I read a lot this year. Old, new, borrowed, blue. This was the best. The paradox of reading something so avidly that you can’t put it down and then I got to the last 20 pages slowing down to a snail’s pace and reading so slowly so that it wouldn’t be over so quickly.”—Mike Downey, European Film Academy

From his post-Nazi-era childhood in Yugoslavia to his college years during the 1968 invasion of Prague, the Yugoslav dissolution wars, and his subsequent exile in the United States, these personal stories combine to provide insight into socialist film industries, contextualizing south Slavic film while also highlighting its contacts with Western filmmakers and film industry.

From the introduction by Aida Vidan:

The one hundred and seventy-seven film terms provide sometimes a direct and at other times a metaphoric path to Grlić’s stories and concurrently serve as a self-referential mechanism to comment on a series of film attributes. The entries can be read in any order, allowing for the reader’s own “montage” of the book’s universe…. Grlić adroitly captures the absurdities and paradoxes in one’s life resulting from the sort of tectonic shifts with which East European history abounds.

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October 15, 2021
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