Reading and Writing Korean

Reading and Writing Korean

by Jieun Kiaer (Author), Derek Driggs (Author)
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The easy way to learn the Korean Hangeul writing system!

Fans of K-Pop and Korean dramas as well as beginning students of Korean will love this handy guide to the Korean Hangeul alphabet. Designed for both self-study students and use in a classroom, no prior knowledge of Korean is needed. With this workbook, you'll quickly learn to read, write and pronounce the letters and hundreds of useful Korean words and phrases.

Reading and Writing Korean includes:

  • Free online audio recordings to teach you to pronounce all the sounds of the language correctly
  • Fun exercises to help you memorize a broad range of vocabulary—from numbers and Korean foods to pop culture and social media
  • A set of free downloadable flash cards to help you memorize letters and words
  • A complete answer key for all the exercises
  • Mnemonic illustrations to help memorize the sounds of the letters

Oxford University instructors Jieun Kiaer and Derek Driggs present the vowels, consonants, syllables and words in a systematic, step-by-step approach which takes you from copying individual letters to writing complete words and sentences in no time at all!

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July 27, 2021
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