Green Chemistry

de Felicia A Etzkorn (Auteur)
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Green chemistry as a discipline is gaining increasing attention globally, with environmentally conscious students keen to learn how they can contribute to a safer and more sustainable world. Many universities now offer courses or modules specifically on green chemistry – Green Chemistry: Principles and Case Studies is an essential learning resource for those interested in mastering the subject.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the concepts of green chemistry this book engages students with a thorough understanding of what we mean by green chemistry and how it can be put into practice. Structured around the well-known 12 Principles, and firmly grounded in real-world applications and case-studies, this book shows how green chemistry is already being put into practice and prepare them to think about how they can be incorporated into their own work.

Targeted at advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students with a background in general and organic chemistry, it is a useful resource both for students and for teachers looking to develop new courses.

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3 décembre 2019
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