Shorts That Fit Well

by Wayne E. Beyea (Author)
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Shorts That Fit Well is a collection of short stories that includes fiction and non-fiction anecdotes. Each tale will inspire good feelings and smiles. Author Wayne Beyea playfully invokes times long since passed while sharing universal emotions that time does not touch.
He recollects the beauty of taking in an injured dog and the revelation of new puppies. He explores an innocent child?s view of God, begging the question, ?Is He good, or is He bad?? (Also, God, why are brothers so annoying?) His fictional characters admire the beauty of nature amidst life?s chaos while building unexpected relationships with wild creatures.
Beyea time-travels to his days as a sixth grader and introduces one tough teacher. He also swings through the life of a man just returned from war as he is questioned about his experiences and judged in ways he does not deserve. Whether fact or fiction, each story in this collection mimics reality and entertains with a gentle touch.

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November 13, 2019
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