God's Sky

by Pearl Smithern (Author)
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Lesia's life in volume one and two took her on a journey from Jerusalem, Rome, Patra, Greece, and Ukraine. She kept the heartbeat of love inside her mind, reminding her that soon she would be reunited with her soul mate. Things did not go as she had hoped.A big dream was born inside this new-age woman. She will break the mold of where and what women were doing in her timeline.She now accepts the challenge of building an Andrew School for children and especially orphans. Her children would for sure not have slave-posted ears.Her slave earring is gone, but memories would sometimes surface. She ponders that maybe she will be only an old school maid. Her sandals were divided; she gave Jacob the right one, and is now unhappy with her decision. She decides she would never separate them again.Now, the sandal, with God's help, begins an important maze journey for Jacob, Nathanael, Philip, and his sister, Mariamne, along with Mugface and his family.With ensuing international turmoil in the latter end of the maze, Lee Chin meets the Zhang Family. Speculus the gladiator has now gotten into her human desire! Was her last hug with Dylan leaving the mark of a son on her heart? Will this child face his destiny with no parents or country? Will everyone reach the end and be one big family?My novel was written in volumes, bringing my dream to life! Hopefully someday as a movie and enjoyment for all ages.

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March 16, 2021
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