Highway Vehicle-Bridge Coupled Vibrations

by Steve C S Cai (Author), Lu Deng (Author)
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Vehicle?bridge interaction happens all the time on roadway bridges and this interaction performance carries much useful information. On one hand, while vehicles are traditionally viewed as loads for bridges, they can also be deemed as sensors for bridges' structural response. On the other hand, while bridges are traditionally viewed as carriers for vehicle weight, they can also be deemed as scales that can weigh the vehicle loads. Based on these observations, a broad area of studies based on the vehicle?bridge interaction have been conducted in the authors' research group. Understanding the vehicle and bridge interaction can help develop strategies for bridge condition assessment, bridge design, and bridge maintenance, as well as develop insight for new research needs.This book documents fundamental knowledge, new developments, and state-of-the-art applications related to vehicle?bridge interactions. It thus provides useful information for graduate students and researchers and therefore straddles the gap between theoretical research and practical applications.Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Framework of Vehicle?Bridge Coupled Modeling
  • Vehicle-Induced Impact on Bridges
  • Vibration-Based Damage Detection and Characterization of Bridges
  • Assessment of Vehicle-Induced Fatigue of Bridges
  • Vehicle-Induced Vibrations of High-Pier Bridges
  • Vehicle Characterization Based on Vehicle?Bridge Interaction
  • Energy Harvesting on Vehicle-Induced Vibrations of Bridges

Readership: This book will provide fundamental knowledge and state-of-the-art applications related to vehicle?bridge interactions for graduate students and researchers. Practicing engineers and other professionals in bridge engineering will also find it useful. Bridges;Vehicles;Monitoring;Vibration;Damage;Detection;Interaction;Highway;Dynamics;Maintenance;Vehicle-Bridge Interaction;Simulations;Applications;Civil Engineering;Bridge Performance;Vehicle Modeling;Bridge Modeling;Bridges;Infrastructure;Design00

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September 23, 2020
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