Empowering you, empowering her

by Mónica Bauer (Author), Paula Santilli (Author), Marty Seldman (Author)
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Let’s be a force that brings development and equality to women worldwide by helping them realize their professional goals!

Women’s economic power is critical to the pressing recovery of the global economy. PepsiCo’s LatAm executives Paula Santilli and Mónica Bauer, together with business coach Marty Seldman, know that unleashing that power is not easy—women today face many challenges in their social, economic, and work environments. This is why with this book they aim to raise women’s self-confidence, by giving them the necessary tools to stimulate their personal and professional development. Their twelve rules will unlock women’s full potential by helping women better understand their power, feel comfortable using it, and not give it away.

The Twelve Rules

Study power

Detect to protect

Use your power; don’t give it away

Build and leverage your network

Know your buzz

Focus on the real scorecard

Promote yourself with sufficient boldness

Increase your value to the organization

Enhance your executive presence

Protect yourself from sabotage and marginalization

Develop healthy selfishness

Control your calendar and commitments

The rules are illustrated by inspiring stories from PepsiCo women associates all across the globe who have put these rules into practice. Prompts and activities help readers immediately start applying the rules to their current situation. The goal is not only to inspire women to reach their potential but also to empower other women along the way.

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Publication date
February 03, 2021