Disclosure: The Return of the Ancients

by Divers Auteurs (Author)
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After the Great Flood, many of the Annunaki left and built a new home on the neighbouring planet: Mars. But their descendants remained on Earth and fell into the darkness of ignorance and superstition. The ancient knowledge was lost. In our modern times, the Annunaki reach out to us again, they have made contact, and they talk to us through the pages of this book. And they wish to help us, if only we let them! Like any Human on earth, they love, and fight, and dream, and they make errors. But they live longer. Much longer. Today, their hieratic, almost mystical thinking clashes with the rational and down-to-earth attitude of the Humans. Misunderstandings are inevitable. And the Extra-terrestrials are bringing gifts, even though the military of two powerful nations think of them as enemies and fire missiles at them. The situation is explosive. Literally.

Publication date
November 09, 2020