The Blizzard

by Aleksandr Pushkin (Author), Thomas Keane (Translator)

When Maria Gavrilovna decides to elope with her suitor Vladimir Nikolayevitch, little do they know what supernatural occurrences this might evoke. An exceptionally chilling and dismal tale, "The Blizzard" portrays the terrifying ups and downs of the suitor, who is caught by the snowstorm while trying to reach his soon bride-to-be. It combines fast-paced narration, with hopeless situations, gloomy natural descriptions, and a realistic, psychological portrait of the main heroine ? and all that turns the love-conquers-all story into an enigmatic and thrilling read.

Deservedly labelled "the best Russian poet", Pushkin?s short life (1799-1837) did not prevent him from ushering Russian literature into its modern era. A master of the vernacular language and multifarious and vivid writing style, Pushkin?s oeuvre was of great influence to a whole legion of Russian writers and literary styles. Among his best-known works are the narrative poems "Ruslan and Ludmila" and "Eugene Onegin", the drama "Boris Godunov", several novels, short stories, and fairy tales.

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Publication date
February 25, 2021