by Aleksandr Pushkin (Author), Thomas Keane (Translator)

"Doubrovsky" is an unfinished novel by Pushkin, published after his death, and follows the adventures of a Russian Robin-Hood-like figure, whose land is confiscated by a shady aristocrat. Combining elements from romance and thriller, the novel is a detailed examination of the human condition and the social injustice that destroys the lives of innocent people. The fast-paced action, well-written style and characters, as well as the nicely-executed plot makes "Doubrovsky" a novel worth reading, despite its lack of closure.

Deservedly labelled "the best Russian poet", Pushkin?s short life (1799-1837) did not prevent him from ushering Russian literature into its modern era. A master of the vernacular language and multifarious and vivid writing style, Pushkin?s oeuvre was of great influence to a whole legion of Russian writers and literary styles. Among his best-known works are the narrative poems "Ruslan and Ludmila" and "Eugene Onegin", the drama "Boris Godunov", several novels, short stories, and fairy tales.

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February 25, 2021
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