Escalofríos HorrorLandia #11: Escape de HorrorLandia (Escape from HorrorLand)

by R. L. Stine (Author)

Not long ago, Luke and Lizzy Morris dared to spend one day at HorrorLand, the terrifying theme park where nightmares come to life. They thought that NOTHING could lure them back, but their travel plans are about to change...<br />Who--or WHAT--is summoning ordinary kids to HorrorLand and trapping them there? Luke and Lizzy are determined to find out. They've gathered every clue, and they even launched their own secret website at <br /><br />No hace mucho tiempo, Luke y Lizzy Morris se atrevieron a pasar un d&iacute;a en HorrorLandia, el parque tem&aacute;tico donde las peores pesadillas se hacen realidad. Pensaron que NADA podr&iacute;a hacer que volvieran a visitar ese parque, pero sus planes est&aacute;n a punto de cambiar...<br />&iquest;Qui&#233;n est&aacute; invitando a chicos a HorrorLandia para atraparlos? Luke y Lizzy est&aacute;n decididos a averiguarlo. Han seguido todas las pistas y llegar&aacute;n al final del misterio.

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July 29, 2014
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