Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

by Noct Moll (Author)

Ever since her parents died, Mina Park wishes for one thing and one thing only: the safety and happiness of her younger sister.

Once the sisters reach adulthood and they move away from their unkind relatives, the situation improves.

They have their own place. They save money. They stand by each other.

But a terrible revelation ruins the budding possibilities of a happy future.

A blackmailer threatens Mina’s sister.

Someone recorded what never should have been recorded.

The upload must be stopped.

*A fantasy novel about memories that cross the many worlds, in life and death.

About the Series

All books in this fantasy series share the setting, premise, and some characters.

They can be read in any order.

Each book has a different protagonist.

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Publication Date
November 14, 2020
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