by Ben Malisow (Author)

Discover why privacy is a counterproductive, if not obsolete, concept in this startling new book

It's only a matter of time-- the modern notion of privacy is quickly evaporating because of technological advancement and social engagement. Whether we like it or not, all our actions and communications are going to be revealed for everyone to see. Exposed: How Revealing Your Data and Eliminating Privacy Increases Trust and Liberates Humanity takes a controversial and insightful look at the concept of privacy and persuasively argues that preparing for a post-private future is better than exacerbating the painful transition by attempting to delay the inevitable. Security expert and author Ben Malisow systematically dismantles common notions of privacy and explains how:

  • Most arguments in favor of increased privacy are wrong
  • Privacy in our personal lives leaves us more susceptible to being bullied or blackmailed
  • Governmental and military privacy leads to an imbalance of power between citizen and state
  • Military supremacy based on privacy is an obsolete concept

Perfect for anyone interested in the currently raging debates about governmental, institutional, corporate, and personal privacy, and the proper balance between the public and the private, Exposed also belongs on the shelves of security practitioners and policymakers everywhere.

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Publication Date
October 22, 2020
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