by Cammy Hollows (Author)

This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book 1: There is no doubt about the fact that introverts are different than extroverts. Although every person has their own unique personality traits, some generalizations can help us gain greater insights in the workings of our brains, and with that understanding, we can function better, feel better, and live better.

The aim of this book is exactly that: Help you understand yourself or the introvert in your life better. In order to accomplish that goal, this guide lists several topics related to shyness, signs of introversion in children, the benefits of being an introvert (very important to know), the difference between being an introvert or being introverted, and false myths that require some clarifications.

Book 2: Introverts are introverts, but did you know that there are different kinds of introverts?

Aside from touching on this particular topic, this book will also teach you more about how to embrace your inner introvert and make things work for you. Additionally, the we will empathize with you and tell you about how it feels to be misunderstood as an introvert. The main quest in most people’s lives is happiness, and to introverts, this can be a special challenge when mixed messages are being conveyed to us by the media or the culture in which we live. Here, we will shed more light on that crucial part of our existence: Happiness for introverts. Last but not least, some dating tips for those who are in love with introverts are given as a small bonus.

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October 24, 2020
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