THE BOOK OF SAINTS AND FRIENDLY BEASTS - 20 Legends, Ballads and Stories

THE BOOK OF SAINTS AND FRIENDLY BEASTS - 20 Legends, Ballads and Stories

by Abbie Farwell Brown (Author)

THE BOOK OF SAINTS AND FRIENDLY BEASTS: stories of Saint Francis of Assisi and Other Saints Who Loved Animals It contains a collection of twenty legends, ballads and folktales for children and adults alike about saints - what they did and the animals they worked with from, mainly, the middle ages. So, if you’ve never heard of some of these saints, download a copy, pull up a chair and let yourself become engrossed in stories from days gone by.

The stories in this book are:

Saint Bridget and the King's Wolf

Saint Gerasimus and the Lion

Saint Keneth of the Gulls

Saint Launomar's Cow

Saint Werburgh and her Goose

The Ballad of Saint Athracta's Stags

Saint Kentigern and the Robin

Saint Blaise and his Beasts

Saint Cuthbert's Peace

The Ballad of Saint Felix

Saint Fronto's Camels

The Blind Singer, Saint Hervé

Saint Comgall and the Mice

The Wonders of Saint Berach

Saint Prisca, the Child Martyr

The Fish who helped Saint Gudwall

The Ballad of Saint Giles and the Deer

The Wolf-Mother of Saint Ailbe

Saint Rigobert's Dinner

Saint Francis of Assisi.

It also has “A Calendar of Saints' Days” which can be followed throughout the year.


Abbie Farwell Brown (1871 to 1927) was an illustrator, author and sometimes editor. Her family resided in Beacon Hill, New England for ten generations, and Brown spent her entire life living in the family's home. She was the oldest of two children. Her sister, Clara, was also part of the literary world; she became an author and illustrator, using the pen name of Ann Underhill.


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