Taboo Next Door Anthology

Taboo Next Door Anthology

by Houston Cei (Author)

When Matt suddenly became overwhelmed by his young daughter's physical development, he felt a need to expressed his forbidden desires for Shari to his wife. To his surprise, Alison gave her blessing and later joined them in a threesome. Vanessa next door went to her 20-year class reunion leaving her husband and daughter alone who together find a side of each other they had never known.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Alison was still smiling and remained silent as she looked directly in her husband's eyes. Suddenly, images of the many times he and she had foursomes with her parents flashed through his mind. Wait a minute, he thought, this is Valentine's Day and it's special to Shari. Why would she want to go to her grandparents' house? After a few more seconds of reflection, he asked, "Are you planning what I think you are planning?"

 Alison could see that her husband caught on and answered, "Yes, it's already planned. Shari knows everything and she's excited about it. My brother's gonna be there, too."

It was about a four hour trek to the retirement village where the parents of Alison were living. To Shari, they were affectionately known as Grandma Becky and Grandpa Brad, and they were so well-preserved that Becky and Alison could be mistaken for sisters. Bradley had been a hard-working longshoreman for many years, and stayed physically active well into retirement to keep a toned physique. Chatting along the way about how things could work out was both fun and amusing. There was no doubt in any mind of the three that it would be a wonderful night of family love.

They arrived at the village in the early afternoon. After greetings and hugs around, Bradley felt compelled to say, "Shari, how you've grown! You're almost as tall as I am. How long has it been?"

"I haven't seen you in two years, Grandpa," Shari answered, "and you and Grandma are going to find out just how much I've grown. I'll get dirty!"

Shari's comment brought a chorus of laughter and dispelled any thoughts of her grandparents and uncle that she might not be ready for family sexual contact.

Recalling Shari's birthday party at their former house two years ago, Becky said, "Yes, you were just sweet sixteen but look at you now, you're all woman."

"I have to concur," Bruce said. "Shari, you're a knockout!"

"Thanks, Uncle Bruce," Shari responded. "I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations.

While Bradley left the family room to get refreshments, Matt, Alison and Shari sat on the sofa while Becky and Bruce sat across from them on the love seat. Alison and Shari were similarly attired in very short skirts and sleeveless blouses betraying plenty of breast cleavage. The mother and daughter sat with their pretty legs crossed to purposely allow their hiked-up skirts to reveal almost all the skin of their shapely thighs.

Although Becky did not know the sensual side of Shari, she knew her daughter well and since it was obvious that she could not keep her eyes off the leg show, she felt inclined to say, "I see you've both came dressed for family love, and Shari, I'm surprised but pleased to know that you want to be a part of our rather liberal concept of expressing that love. You must be a little bit nervous."

"Yes, Grandma," Shari responded, "but I know Mom told you something about the three of us and it's been dynamite so once we get going, I'm sure I'll adapt just fine."

"I bet you will, and you're gonna find out just how nasty your grandparents can be," Becky responded with a smile and a wink of the eye.

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