The Memory of Tree

The Memory of Tree

by Ulla Hirvensalo (Author)

The Memory of Tree is "science fiction”. Main task is to find information (vibrations) from annual rings.

the Spearhead cluster (Keihäänkärkiklusteri) started and financed the project Secrets open.

The Leader of the group is Berit, information scientist (Biolnformation).

Other members are: Pekka,dendrologist, Kalle, the sculptor, Niilo, M.S.C in nanotechnology Heikki,BA, Tellervo, theologian, Iivari student of Technology and Sirkka,composer.

The key tasks of the project were the following:
1. Set up a multi-scientific group and start inventing new innovations with it
2. Choose one of these for implementation.

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October 17, 2020
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