Mystic Ridge

Mystic Ridge

by Foxglove Lee (Author)

When Beverly Landry inherits Mystic Ridge, a glorious yet neglected summer resort, she and her girlfriend begin a new life in the small town of Lament. As soon as Bev’s girlfriend, Cate, arrives on the ridge, she’s plagued by terrifying nightmares involving the death of a beautiful young woman. Everywhere Cate goes, she’s followed by black mist and glowing red eyes. When she sleeps, a demonic force guides her toward the ridge. Every day brings a new vision of death. 

If they stay in Lament, someone is sure to die. 

Will Mystic Ridge tear Cate and Bev apart for good, or will a league of unlikely friends help the couple defeat the evil living on their land?

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Publication date
October 13, 2020
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