The Law of Mind in Action

The Law of Mind in Action

by Fenwicke Holmes (Author)

In "The Law of Mind in Action" (AKA "The Law of Mind in Action: Daily Lessons & Treatments in Mental & Spiritual Science"), first published in 1919, Fenwicke Holmes discusses how we can attune our minds to the forces of the cosmic unconsciousness, with a view to improving our lives and spiritual health.

The core thesis of Holmes' work is that the universe is brimming with cosmic energy. Such energy goes unnoticed by most of humanity, and so remains untapped. By utilizing the mind to its fullest, using the law of mind established by New Thought practitioners such as Holmes, the apt student can unleash a wellspring of intellectual and spiritual ability into their lives, planting seeds that will sprout in accordance with the universal law of Cause and Effect.

Holmes focuses both on reality and our universe, and the inner power that rests within every human soul. According to the author, honing one's spirit and consciousness can imbue a certain healing energy. 

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