The World of 007

The World of 007

by Anthony Reed (Author)

For more than 50 years, James Bond has enthralled, excited, energized and entertained different generations like no other screen hero has done.

Since his initial portrayal by Sean Connery, James Bond has become a timeless icon worldwide. His world full of glamour, mystery and intrigue, the most dashing secret agent in the history of cinema has been charming and thrilling audiences worldwide.

Following the sincere descriptions of the James Bond movies and books, readers will discover the characteristics that made him resonate, as well as the less glamorous relics that made him evolve.

Die hard fan Anthony Reeds will take the reader through a detailed and sometimes pungent description of the James Bond films and books along with his extremely deatailing scoring used to evaluate each movie in the most objective manner. The book also includes dynamic stills from the movies, a variety of rankings, and several other interesting facts of the World of 007.

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October 06, 2020
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