Created Bonzai-Shots

Created Bonzai-Shots

by Taylan Demirkaya (Author)

Booze in the industry knows everyone! Art is to refine this taste to bring a special touch in that makes the drink unique. Does not work? We say that! In the second part of the series we Created show you how you can conjure up even a taste of the finest quality in "short".

In many lifestyle magazines is reported that spices such as basil, thyme, etc. take an increasing role in the bar scene. The combination of various ingredients Shots receive a new flavor, what a treat.

With this book we lean right there and go but equal one step further. We deal with Bonzai shots. As the name suggests, are alcoholic beverages short (little cocktail) in thumbnail format. Here we link booze with spices and fruits and vegetables. This is not only a treat for the palate but also makes what optically ago.

In the epilogue, the production is briefly explained and easy.

We wish you every success in making the Bonzai shots and say:

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October 07, 2020
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