So, You Have to Write a Literature Review

by Catherine Berdanier (Author), Joshua Lenart (Author)


Is a literature review looming in your future? Are you procrastinating on writing a literature review at this very moment? If so, this is the book for you. Writing often causes trepidation and procrastination for engineering students?issues that compound while writing a literature review, a type of academic writing most engineers are never formally taught. Consider this workbook as a ?couch-to-5k? program for engineering writers rather than runners: if you complete the activities in this book from beginning to end, you will have a literature review draft ready for revision and content editing by your research advisor. 

So, You Have to Write a Literature Review presents a dynamic and practical method in which engineering students?typically late-career undergraduates or graduate students?can learn to write literature reviews, and translate genre-based writing instruction into easy-to-follow, bite-sized activities and content. Written in a refreshingly conversational style while acknowledging that writing is quite difficult, Catherine Berdanier and Joshua Lenart leverage their unique disciplinary backgrounds with decades of experience teaching academic engineering writing in this user-friendly workbook

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Ryan K. Boettger (Other contributor)
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September 27, 2020
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