The Spitefulness Of Crabs

The Spitefulness Of Crabs

by Angelo Basile (Author)

Three stories. 

Three different ways to interpret love and death.

In "Death in the Theater" someone has hurled poor William into a whirlpool of paradoxical situations that has flung poor William into a vortex of paradoxical situations that overwhelm a quiet spring morning. 

Who has orchestrated his father's death?

A funny and grotesque story.

In "The Devil's Love" the devil moves to a small town and opens a domestic hell for the benefit of the inhabitants: a gambling house.

But what if the devil is in love with a woman?

A story of passion with gothic overtones.

The closing story, "Invisible", short and delicate, looks at a life spent in the shadow of self-imposed exclusion of love.

In all three cases, conflicting emotions alternate in the reading and give rise to unexpected situations.

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September 22, 2020
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