How to Activate Your Love Life and Sex Magnetism

How to Activate Your Love Life and Sex Magnetism

by Andrew Moore (Author)

Unfortunately, most people are not in tandem with their physical structure, their body shape or how they look.

Probably because they have varicose vein, stretch marks, and jiggly thighs, or perhaps they have curved penis, small, busty or flappy breasts, fat belly or a hairy back!

Hence over time, they have come to accept the fact that this is how they look and thus are living with the perceived flaw. Unbeknown to them, this is what is creating an unhealthy, negative energetic block that affects their sexual image and their ability to express themselves.

The reality is, however, that to have good feelings about sex, you have to have good feelings about your body. This is where How to Activate Your Love Life and Sex Magnetism shows you on how to deal effectively with stress, fear and anxiety that seems to be blocking you from experiencing satisfying sex!

And for those who think that Viagra would do the magic, sorry such enhancing drug doesn't work on low self esteem. So if really you want to improve your self-esteem, your libido and become a sex magnet, you will have do so by, firstly, releasing all the stuck energy and stress from your entire body.

With How to Activate Your Love Life and Sex Magnetism, you will learn the secret to releasing those stress, those fear, depression and anxiety to ensure a healthy body, have enjoyable sex and improve your relationships!

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August 28, 2020
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