The Girl in the Golden Atom

The Girl in the Golden Atom

by Ray Cummings (Author)

First published in 1922, "The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Ray Cummings is a classic work of science fiction and one of the first to explore the world of the atom.

"The Girl in the Golden Atom" is the first and most famous work in Cummings’ Matter, Space and Time series ("The Fire People" and "The Man Who Mastered Time" dealing with the other two matters, respectively), which postulates that matter, space and time are interlinked and that one cannot exist without the others. 

"The Girl in the Golden Atom" was enormously successful at its publication, and Cummings went on to write an equally successful sequel, "The People of the Golden Atom". This novel stays as Cummings’ most highly regarded fictional work.

"The Girl in the Golden Atom" is the story of a young chemist who finds a hidden atomic world within his mother’s wedding ring. Under a microscope, he sees within the ring a beautiful young woman sitting before a cave. Enchanted by her, he shrinks himself so that he can join her world.

Ray Cummings  is viewed as one of the founding fathers of the pulp science fiction genre.

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