Wordpress - An Incredibly Powerful Blogging System!

Wordpress - An Incredibly Powerful Blogging System!

by Scott Herry White (Author)

So why choose Wordpress?

You might have heard rumors about Wordpress websites, like for example you may have heard that Google gives priority to these websites. It is fairly certain that search engines give priority to certain websites and blogs, so now that bloggingand pinging phase might be losing at least part of it’s effectiveness, now is the time for something new.

There’s strong evidence that Wordpress blogs get better search rankings than other sites. We will explore that in more detail later, but for now just know that there are some search engine advantages to using Wordpress tools.

In some ways this tool is only good for those who understand the importance and advantages of blogging. Blogging is a form of website promotion and information sharing that can have very strong internet business implications.

Wordpress Blogging

What is the so special about Wordpress?

Wordpress is your simple and easy way to set up a blog with minimal programming requirements. Wordpress gives you a plethora of themes, theme resources, and the ability to use images, and various blog designs and layouts. I can elaborate all day about the basic features and benefits of Wordpress, but I have to admit that most of us use Wordpress for one simple reason. We use Wordpress to make money online...

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