Plant-based Cookbook for Beginners

Plant-based Cookbook for Beginners

by Susan Wilson (Author)

vegetarianism is one of the most debated topics in the world these days. And there is always something about it in the papers every morning. Who can blame the papers, the topic is too fascinating, isn’t it?

Based on studies, one of the most effective ways you can boost your energy levels, prevent chronic diseases, and improve your health is to start a plant-based vegan diet. Changing your nutrition is considered to be an effective way to live longer and reduce the risk of falling ill.

Vegans enjoy themselves when they eat different delicacies. They are usually inspired when they realize they can make so many different things as a vegan, and the secret to making many delicacies is in their hands right now.

Good home cooking requires very little to be tasty. Cooking a delicious meal only requires a simple set of pots and pans, a sharp knife, a good cutting board, and most importantly good healthy ingredients for your favorite recipes.

But if you want to please loved ones with a special or more complex dish, such as chocolate ice cream with brown cake slices or vegan ricotta with cashews, you may need the right vegan kitchen gadgets, which we'll talk about in this book.

Also, right in this book, you will discover the most delicious, most demanded, highly nutritious, and easily made vegan meals in the US. It’s not just their list, you should look forward to their recipes, and step by step details on how to make each and all of them.

In this book, you will find a variety of recipes for:

  • breakfasts

  • lunch

  • brunch

  • dessert

  • dinners

These easy-to-cook recipes are suitable for anyone new to the vegan diet or cooking and will allow you to reduce your time in the kitchen in order.

Plunge into the next pages and explore the most amazing vegan dishes you will ever come across, right away!

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August 30, 2020
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