Good And Evil, Memories

Good And Evil, Memories

by Gerardo D'Orrico (Author)

This book is the first handbook about being contemporary and personal diary written by me. The calm of well-being, of inventions. The three-dimensional aspects of concrete and human objects, for a research in individual thought. A work that frees from stylistic commitments, mistakes are everyone's, the present must be represented but, without the fear of having made a bigger mistake than the previously accepted silence. By choosing a speech, it promises a definitive daily solution to rhetorical-historical art. It describes my experiences, imaginatively the memories of a good in the land of evil. Diary written in a simple way, a textual form to fill even an absence of complete information about the right to good, which characterizes an insensitivity in public and journalistic publications. A phenotype inclusive of modern material, Christian and Arabic objectivity. It wants to represent a door to the future, a new party. The period of the eighteen letters contained reaches from August 2005 to March 2007.


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August 27, 2020
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