The Heart of Happy Hollow

The Heart of Happy Hollow

by Paul Laurence Dunbar (Author)

Published in 1904, "The Heart of Happy Hollow" by Paul Laurence Dunbar features sixteen short stories that provide rare glimpses into the lives of African Americans after the Civil War. 

Through characters ranging from schemers to preachers, Paul Laurence Dunbar crafted a rare snapshot of long-lost communities and their poignant sensibilities. An author who achieved remarkable versatility, he draws on language that is by turns folksy and formal, putting forth controversial vernacular dialects as easily as he delivers a hauntingly poetic scene. In this collection, readers meet an influential entrepreneur who must navigate a treacherous political landscape; a Southern spiritual leader who must learn to accept the mores of his son, who was educated in the North; a reporter who restores hope in Santa Claus to a group of destitute siblings; and a host of other unique men and women giving voice to timeless themes.

Dunbar’s work has deservingly experienced a recent revival among commercial and scholarly audiences alike.

A captivating read, "The Heart of Happy Hollow" will introduce more book lovers to this revered storyteller and visionary.

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August 26, 2020
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