Legends and Stories of Ireland

Legends and Stories of Ireland

by Samuel Lover (Author)

First published in 1831, Samuel Lover's "Legends and Stories of Ireland" shows the utter truthfulness of the conviction, especially amongst the peoples of English-speaking nations, that the Irish have the gift of the gab.

After a recitation by Samuel Lover of a few tales at a dinner party, he was subsequently convinced to publish two of them in the Dublin Literary Gazette. The favourable reception of these tales resulted in "Legends and Stories of Ireland", an exquisite and exceptional volume of Irish folklore. Prepared and collated with very few changes, Samuel Lover wanted to stay true to the original stories, so that the written story would enchant readers as though it were being presented in the vernacular. 

So curl up with this unique piece of Irish folklore and let the Gift of the Irish enchant and captivate you.

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August 19, 2020
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