Eleven Possible Cases

Eleven Possible Cases

by Various (Author), S. H. Marpel (Author)

A collection of detective-mystery by some of the true greats from the late 1800's mystery writers.

These classic authors are still engaging today.

Some of these are:

Frank Richard Stockton - known for his "Lady and the Tiger"

Anna Katharine Green - known as "the mother of the detective story"

Franklin Fyles - American playwright and theatre critic

Edgar Fawcett - bestselling novelist at the turn of the last century

Henry Harland - known for his 1900 hit "The Cardinal's Snuff-box"

Kirk Munroe - known as a prolific author with over 30 published books

Joaquin Miller - the "Poet of the Sierras" for his numerous stories about the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Maurice Thompson - known for novels and poetry, writing and publishing 22 books in 25 years.

Ingersoll Lockwood - known for his "Baron Trump" children's books and a dystopian novel "The Last President"

plus more...

This anthology contains:

 - The Only Girl at Overlook, Franklin Fyles

 - A Thing that Glistened, Frank R. Stockton

 - A Lion and a Lioness, Joaquin Miller

 - The Cheated Juliet, Q.

 - The Mystic Krewe, Maurice Thompson

 - Strange Adventures of a Million Dollars, Ingersoll Lockwood

 - A Lost Day, Edgar Fawcett

 - A Tragedy of High Explosives, Brainard Gardner Smith

 - The Bushwhacker's Gratitude, Kirke Munroe

 - The End of All, Nym Crinkle

 - Shall He Marry Her? Anna Katherine Green

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August 09, 2020
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