The Adventures of Gerard

The Adventures of Gerard

by Arthur Conan Doyle (Author)

After killing off Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle began a new series of tales on a very different theme and focused on a new character, the brigadier Etienne Gerard, a french hussard of the Napoleon army.

First published in 1896, the first volume collecting 8 short stories about the Brigadier Gerard was "The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard". A second volume, "The Adventures of Gerard", was published in 1903. However, these short stories had been initially published in The Strand Magazine from august 1902 to may 1903.

"The Adventures of Gerard" is a compilation of short stories regarding this French Brigadier, named Etienne Gerard, who thinks very highly of himself as can be reflected in how he told his stories.

The book is divided into chapters containing different segments of his life as a soldier under the leadership of Napoleon together with his personal exploits and the romance that swept his way in between. 

Typical of war stories, some depicts bloody encounters with his enemies and how he was able to escape those encounters. However, there were soft moments particularly his encounter with women along the way even if she is from their enemy.

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