The Perfect Drink

The Perfect Drink

by Steve Adner (Author)
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Experienced: Circumstance or event lived by a person.

Is it possible to transform a drink into an experience and dominate every element to create the perfect drink?

Of course. Also, it's reacheable for anyone.

How to create the perfect cup, contains essential elements to transform a cup into an experience. It adds necessary tracks to dominate that process. It takes you through everything to understand the sence of each element.

It's a manual that I should have always present, a book to reach. Also, it's a light reading, light and fun, from which you will learn to make a jump to drink quality in just a few minutes.

You will learn:

- How to improve the quality of your drinks.

-What elements does the drink have, the function of each and how to dominate them.

-Errors and typical beliefs.

-The exact steps to prepare a high quality cup.

-The importance of 5+1 elements, You.

-How to generate experiences.

These are just some brush strokes, so you understand what you will find in this book. This reading was written for people like you, you don't need to be an expert in understanding all the process and to place it in practice. It's a book for all levels, but thought also for beginners.

If what you want is to jump into the quality of drinks. How to create a perfect drink is your drink.

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Publication date
July 31, 2020
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