Jane Austen:The Complete Novels

Jane Austen:The Complete Novels

by Jane Austen (Author), Bauer Books (Author)
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This book, newly updated, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility are true classics, and Emma and Persuasion are also wonderful.

Austen's ability to expose the foibles of her characters without actually holding them in disdain is what makes her books so enjoyable. Can you eviscerate someone with a fluffy knife? Not a good image, but in probing the psyches of her characters she shows a true understanding of human nature that is as valid today as it was then. There are so many Mrs Norrises in the world, and yet Lizzies and Darcys and Elinors seem to be in short supply. Nevertheless, there's enough wit and comedy and family and sisterhood and loyalty and friendship to keep you happy, if you go for that sort of stuff.

The book contains the following novels:

  • Emma

  • Pride and Prejudice

  • Sense and Sensibility

  • Northanger Abbey

  • Mansfield Park

  • Persuasion

  • Lady Susan

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July 14, 2020
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