Brain Training

Brain Training

by Syrie Gallows (Author)

How do you deepen your emotional intelligence?

Many people have tried to do so, and few understand the real secret. Emotionally intelligent people go through life much happier. They understand how to react, and they have more control. Thus, it’s essential to your cerebral development to have some degree of comprehension of this principle.

Aside from this topic, you will learn more about intelligence itself, about attention spans, and the most important things that can help us stop worrying. The concept of an IQ is familiar to most but still includes many unknown factors. On top of that, many intelligent people wonder what to do with relationships, video games, education, and other aspects of life. This book can help you understand those things and give them a proper place in your busy schedule.

Become wiser. Become smarter. Learn how.

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July 08, 2020
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