Mentalism from A to Z

Mentalism from A to Z

by Giochidimagia (Author)

Thank you and congratulations for buying the eBook “Mentalism from A to Z”.

The title sums up the spirit of the guide, in fact with this eBook the purpose was precisely to give an overview of the art of Mentalism, talking about the techniques used, psychology, Cold Reading and much more, not getting lost in descriptions of details that only the individual performer can and must necessarily learn and refine by trying and trying again.

For this reason, no room has been given to the presentations. It seems a paradox not to mention the presence of an illusionistic effect when this is probably more than 90 percent of the effect itself, but, as said little, the presentation is something so subjective and that must be created according to the character of the performer, the context, and many other factors. In this case, it was not considered to have to report presentations, leaving the reader free to create and build those more suitable for himself and the show he wants to propose.

The manual also wants to clarify many controversial aspects of Mentalism. The reason is simple: to give the illusion that the effects of Mentalism are made with NDP, non-verbal communication techniques, reading of micro-facial expressions, and those who have more. The biggest mental effect of the performers in recent years, for example, Derren Brown, whose style was then taken and brought back to the individual countries by local artists, is just this.  

I have received hundreds of calls and emails from people who have become passionate, in recent years to Mentalism, seeing live shows, and on TV or performances on YouTube.  By talking to these people, I realized the confusion that had arisen, or rather, the illusion worked and people believed it.

Of course, psychology has to do with mentalism, but how will you understand it by reading the manual.

With this guide, you will clarify your ideas on the "Mentalism" issue and you will have the tools to be able to create YOUR MENTAL EFFECTS!

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July 07, 2020
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