The Flying Girl

The Flying Girl

by L. Frank Baum (Author)

From the author of The Wizard of Oz comes a high-flying adventure featuring intrepid girl aviator Orissa Kane.

Like Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, Orissa is intelligent, self-reliant and always persevering.

Secrets, spies, mechanical genius, sabotage - all merging on on Orissa to save the fledgling aircraft company by winning top prize at an air meet in the pioneer days of powered flight.

Even though she'd never flown before.

Circumstances force young Orissa Kane into the air in her brother's innovative new airplane. But a deadly foe is intent on sending her crashing back to earth. Just like her brother had days earlier.

Soar to new heights with the Flying Girl as she braves countless dangers to achieve worldwide acclaim.


From the far end of the field Steve swung around and started back, straight for the grand stand. He had nearly reached it when he threw in the clutch that started the propellers and at the same time slightly elevated the front rudder. Up, like a bird taking wing, rose the aircraft, soaring above the grand stand and then describing a series of circles over the field. Gradually it ascended, as if the aviator was ascending an aërial spiral staircase, until he had mounted so far among the clouds that only a grayish speck was discernible.

The spectators held their breaths in anxious suspense. The speck grew larger. Swooping down at a sharp angle the aircraft came suddenly into view and within a hundred feet of the ground resumed its normal position and began to circle around the field again.

Now a mighty cheer went up, and Orissa, who had been pressing Sybil’s hand with a grip that made her wince, found herself sobbing with joy. Her brother’s former flights had been almost as successful as this; but only now, with the plaudits of a multitude ringing in her ears, did she realize the wonderful thing he had accomplished.

But on a sudden the shout was stilled. A startled, frightened moan ran through the assemblage. Women screamed, men paled and more than one onlooker turned sick and faint.

For the Kane Aircraft, while gracefully gliding along, in full view of all, was seen to suddenly collapse and crumple like a pricked toy balloon. Aëroplane and aviator fell together in a shapeless mass toward the earth, and the sight was enough to dismay the stoutest heart.

But Steve’s salvation lay in his altitude at the time of the accident. Fifty feet from the earth the automatic planes asserted their surfaces against the air and arrested, to an appreciable extent, the plunge. Had it been a hundred feet instead of fifty the young man might have escaped without injury, but the damaged machine had acquired so great a momentum that it landed with a shock that unseated young Kane and threw him underneath the weight of the motor and gasoline tank.

A dozen ready hands promptly released him from the wreck, but when they tried to lift him to his feet he could not stand. His leg was broken...

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July 05, 2020
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