Totally Organized

Getting organized is one of the biggest challenges in any home today. Pressed for time and bogged down by papers, receipts, household items, and an endless stream of junk mail, Americans need expert ways to get an stay on top of it all. Expert organizer Bonnie McCullough has the answers. In this clear, practical guide, she explains how to:

--Take control of household tasks by using a planner, making lists, and setting priorities.
--Gain more free time by establishing routines and planning ahead.
--Create more space in the kitchen, closets, and elsewhere.
--Setup a simple, easy-to-use home-filing system.
--Get kids, spouses, and roommates motivated to help keep the household organized.
--Establish and stick to a household budget.
--Simplify holidays and gift giving.
--Work smarter, not harder--when tackling housework, paperwork, and all the little things that drain time and energy from our lives.

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March 14, 1986
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