Trust Me, I'm a Banker

by David Charters (Author)

In the tradition of American Psycho comes this hilariously cynical and often-brutal novel skewering the world of investment banking, set in the heart of London high finance

Meet Dave Hart, just your typical investment banker. It's not long until Bonus Day, the most important day of the year, and anything less than a million pounds would be an insult. After all, Dave has to buy a new car, a new Rolex for his wife, and a second home in the country. Not to mention support a few personal habits, legal or otherwise, that gentlemen bankers don't discuss in public. Unfortunately, a million really isn't what it used to be, and no one else seems to value Dave as much as he knows he's worth. Luckily, competence and charm have never been accurate barometers for success in high finance, and Dave just might be able to weasel and blunder his way to the top.

Extremely funny and razor-sharp, Trust Me, I'm a Banker is the tale of one man's quest for outrageous compensation and alpha status in a world where pitiless ambition, insecurity, and moral ambiguity are second nature and glitter is far more important than gold. This flawless social satire is a highly enjoyable voyeuristic glimpse into our modern culture of narcissism, materialism, and bottomless greed.

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July 16, 2012
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