The Clean Eating Meal Plan

The Clean Eating Meal Plan

de Florence Rivers (Auteur)

Discover the essential tools you need to get yourself energized and healthier, with this clean eating meal plan!

A lot of health benefits become accessible when you cut processed foods from your diet and eat clean. When you do, you can never feel guilty after every meal, unlike the common fast foods available almost everywhere which lack the needed vitamins and minerals to keep the immune system stronger.

Processed foods do a lot of harm than good, and that's why you could always have access to the Clean Eating Meal Plan, which contains 100 clean eating recipes that will help you kick-start your natural diet journey, and help you stick to healthy diets at all times.

The clean eating meal plan contains:

A detailed introduction covering the basics of a clean eating diet.

100 recipes serving healthy, flavorful, and delicious clean eating meals for breakfast and smoothies, soups and salads, beef, lamb, seafood and pork, chicken and turkey, quick stir-fries, staples and sauces, vegetarian, ketogenic and low carb, snacks and desserts.

Clean eating recipes include Carrot Walnut Breakfast Loaf, Caramel Cashew Cheesecake, English Muffins, Herbed Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Cauli-Rice and much more!

"The Clean Eating Meal Plan is a must-have for anyone aiming to consume unprocessed foods and willing to be very active. The texts are simply written and can easily be read and understood, and contains natural foods that would help fuel your workouts without drifting from the clean eating track. Jerry Coleman

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