How Ruth Found Rest in The Home of Her Husband

How Ruth Found Rest in The Home of Her Husband

by Joseph R. Griffin (Author)

God gave the Bible for our learning.

The book of Ruth teaches young ladies how to get married and the Song of Solomon teaches men and women how to stay married.

Young ladies should talk to married women to find what a man costs and marry only if you want that man badly enough that you “cannot contain.” Ruth had been told that she wouldn’t find a husband if she stayed with Naomi, but Ruth was convinced it was better to have God without a husband than to have a husband without God. Older women are supposed to teach younger women how to love their husbands, love their children, and to guide their houses, that’s the rest of the yoke of being married.

If you marry, the first step in getting married is “seek ye first the kingdom of God,” the second step is what Ruth said to Naomi:

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