The 30 Minutes Man

The 30 Minutes Man

de Kelson Anderson (Auteur)

This information keeps CHANGING THE LIFE of men around the world! If you're committed to starting a new life and want to be the man that women will crave for more and more after the first encounter, then these easy exercises' are what you need.

Premature ejaculation is the condition where men are unable to exercise voluntary control over their ejaculatory reflex, with the result that once they're sexually aroused, they reach orgasm very quickly. 

You don't want to be that man trust me I have been there.

Premature ejaculation is usually mentioned as the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. Different statistics put the number of men with this condition between 30% to 70%.

The happy news is that lack of ejaculatory control can be successfully resolved in 80-90% of cases, as the man learns to control better their ejaculatory reflex after the treatment

No woman wants a "one minute man" because he isn't able to lead them that mind-blowing orgasm they crave for and duly deserve, and soon you start seeing them giving excuses whenever you bring the sex topic.

Ejaculatory control is a skill that can be learned in a short period of constant practice. Still, it might take weeks if you are not consistent.

The great news is these exercises' don't take much of your time.

Don't be the guy that goes to women for sex, let them come to you.

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