Birthday Cake Recipes

Birthday Cake Recipes

by Chef Cuisine Master (Author)

Birthday cake for kids

Birthday Cakes features memorable, celebratory cakes and birthday stories by renowned chefs, cookbook writers, and passionate bakers . This elegant yet easy-to-use cake-making book invites us to celebrate everything birthday: the making and presentation of the cake, the warm glow of the candles, the whispering of a wish, and the heartwarming ritual of cutting and sharing the cake. Everyone will love oohs and aahs whenever a Meyer Lemon Pound Cake is served, a lovely, advanced cake which can be decorated with glazed flowers and long French birthday candles. 

A breeze step-by-steps will show you through cake decorating techniques, like smoothing or texturing frosting, handling a pastry bag, piping rosettes, creating a drip effect, hand lettering, plus much more. Then, put your skills to the test with 10 amazing cakes you’d be proud to talk about together with your loved ones?not to say your social media feed.


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June 06, 2020
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