Fifty Plus

by Bill Novelli (Author), Boe Workman (Author)

In a groundbreaking call to arms, Fifty Plus takes an important look at the seventy-eight million strong American baby boomer revolution. From age 50+ on up, Americans are now refusing to rock away their retirement and are actively changing the face of aging in America. The Boomers are no strangers to the gym, voting booth, online investing sites, or even management of their 401(k)s. They're joining an already on the go group of Americans 50+ who are leaving their mark. Bill Novelli, CEO of AARP, knows firsthand that 50+ Americans are actively seizing the day by:

Transforming health care by demanding quality care, lower pharmaceutical costs, and engaging in healthy lifestyles and preventive care

Creating a secure retirement by advance personal finance planning and working on Social Security solvency for all

Revolutionizing the workplace to benefit not only Boomers but their colleagues

Building livable communities with improved housing, transportation, and services, allowing all Americans to age in place

Developing innovative and affordable products and services to add value to 50+ live

Advocating for causes that will create a lasting legacy so we can leave the world a better place
By igniting a 21st century revolution to make a better, stronger America, Bill Novelli knows, if you're 50+: The best is yet to come.

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Steve Case (Introduction author)
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June 30, 2010
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